Why ERP Systems are Important

Why ERP Systems Are Important Many growing businesses ignore the importance of investing in business technology that includes both hardware and software. Most businesses hang on to their basic accounting solution or pieced-together solution or legacy ERP software until a change is urgently required. A quality Enterprise resource planning (ERP) […]

A Guide for Every Budget

August 10, 2022·6 min read From basic to pro, check out our ultimate guide on how much you should spend on your remote office video recording setup. What kind of equipment for video recording do you have in your remote office? If your answer is “none,” you need to change […]

Ghana digitised its address system …

Smart urbanism is about using digital technologies to address urban problems. Across the continent, digital technologies and smart initiatives have been applied in myriad ways, including crime control, urban planning and traffic management. It hasn’t always worked, however. Sometimes these initiatives have failed because the technologies weren’t well integrated into […]