Reasons To Pick Up Per Diem Shifts As A Travel Nurse

Per diem shifts as a travel nurse: Why it's right for you.

Per diem nursing jobs have been one of the in-demand jobs in the medical field nowadays. Because of the pandemic, more and more nurses are needed all around the world. To be able to distribute nurses according to the medical facility’s needs. Medical facilities have partnered with staff nursing agencies so they can get per diem nurses on board whenever they are short of staff. As nurses, there are a lot of reasons why you should take a per diem assignment

Reasons To Pick Up Per Diem Shifts As A Travel Nurse

You can Control Your Schedule 

If you are asking yourself: Is it good to work per diem? Then knowing how scheduling works can help you answer this question. Per diem nurses are given assignments but they are allowed to say no if they think that their schedule would not fit in. This is one of the pros of working as a per diem nurse. You can work when you want to and rest when you don’t feel like working. This can also be advantageous for nurses who want to keep their licenses active but are not committed to working to a full-time schedule. As a per diem nurse, you can still practice your profession and still have time to do the things you desire. As well as plot a schedule that can match your plans in a year. 

You can have Opportunities to Earn More 

Why do nurses work per diem? There are several answers to that question. One of the best answers would be being able to earn more. Travel per diem nurses earn more hourly wages compared with regular nurses. Plus if you are lucky to be assigned to areas that pay more than you can earn more bucks, plus they will be giving you reimbursements on the expenses you use to travel to your destination. What’s good about travel per diem nursing job, canceled shifts are paid. 

You can Expand Your Knowledge and Experience

Experience can help you achieve higher pay, most medical facilities prefer nurses who have two or more experiences. Since they can easily adapt to handling duties and responsibilities without too much orientation and training needed. Plus they are more knowledgeable on how to handle patients and handle hospital equipment. As a per diem travel nurse you can also continue to enhance your knowledge well as add more years to your experience. As you are assigned to different areas and medical facilities you can learn more techniques and strategies on how nurses handle their duties and responsibilities. 

Give you a Chance to Evaluate Facilities 

As you get assigned to different medical facilities, you can easily evaluate which of them has an easier or more convenient working environment. You can then determine which is more suitable for you. In the future, if you plan to settle to working as a regular, you will have an idea where to apply or whose offer to take just in case they offer you a full-time position in their medical facilities. 

You can have Continuous Learning 

Sometimes skills that are not practical can go dormant. Working as a per diem travel nurse can help you continue to sharpen your skills as a nurse as you take assignments in different areas. You may not work full time but at least you are still active with your profession and you are continuously learning by getting exposed to a new environment every time you get an assignment.  

You can Have the Opportunity To Visit Places

Travel per diem nurses can be assigned anywhere. This can give you the chance to see other parts of your city or even get the chance to see other countries. Traveling is not easy especially if you have a full-time job but working as a per diem travel nurse can make it possible for you to travel and work at the same time. 


These are just a few reasons to pick up per diem shifts as a travel nurse and there are many more. Talk to your staff nursing agency and they can give you all the details you need to know. Is per diem nursing worth it? Yes, especially if you are a nurse who wants to grow professionally but also personally.

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