Retail Media Networks: An Advertising Alternative

Bethany N. Bookout

You’re No Longer Your Store’s Primary Customer… The Brands You Buy Are. As we continue looking at non-Facebook/Google advertising alternatives, an interesting trend has developed as retailers large and small have followed Amazon’s lead and launched their own Retail Media Networks. Retailers like Walmart and Dollar General, grocers like Kroger, […]

Our Favorite Social Media Platforms

Bethany N. Bookout

Simon: Instagram Hardly surprising as a millennial, but Instagram is my favorite social media platform. I mean it, I have an account for just about every interest – a photo blog for my beer obsession and another for my hypebeast tendencies. I even have one for my cats. I do […]

5 Tips for Using Social Media in Government

Social media is increasingly becoming a necessity in everyday life. Almost every industry and sector use this interactive channel to communicate with customers, clients, and employees. Even the government is using social media for various reasons. Some key uses of social media in government include crisis communication and management, information […]