What are the Benefits of Residential Solar Electricity?

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Solar energy is now utilized by most people because of its benefits. A lot of people are shifting to solar as their energy source, not just because it’s trending but because they have seen the benefits from other solar users. The benefits of residential solar electricity are already widespread and people want to experience this by having solar panels  installed on their homes. 

Benefits of Residential Solar Energy

Lower Bills 

Electricity bills are one of the top reasons why people work. They want the convenience of having light in their homes and being able to utilize electricity to let appliances and devices work for them to have an easier daily routine. By having solar panels, electricity bills can be lowered down to 80%. Can you imagine how much money you can save if you can cut down your bill that much? 

Eco Friendly 

As a solar panel owner you can contribute to keeping the air pollution low, since using solar energy will not produce toxic gases like fuel fossils do. Some people shift to solar energy for this reason. They want to help in the clean air campaign since they know that regular electricity sources can cause green gas emissions. Getting solar panels can help you and at the same help the environment recover from pollution. 

Get Rebates from Tax

If you purchase your solar panels you can get a tax credit up to 30%. That is a good amount since solar panels cost around $11,000 to $15,000, if you get a 30% refund then that’s already a good discount. This is one way of campaigning for residences to shift to solar energy and help the environment to recover from pollution. 

Get Paid for Excess Energy

If you opted for net metering which means connecting your solar panel to the electricity grid and your energy consumption has an excess, it will be credited back to your electricity bill. This can be deducted to your bill your electricity provider will pay you for it. That’s why net metering also has its advantages, since some people prefer not to have their solar connected to the grid. 

Solar Panel Have Long Life 

You can use your solar panel for 25 years or more, which means you can rip the benefits for that long. That’s why the return of investment can be assured within 5 to 8 years due to the money you can save for that long and even longer if the solar panel is maintained well. Solar panel maintenance is done annually and won’t cost that much, so it is recommended to have your solar panel maintained to maximized its durability.  

Increase Home Market Value 

Having solar panel installation at home can increase your home value by $15,000. If ever you plan to sell your home you can mark it up and get more from it. That’s why most people will not hesitate to have solar panels installed at their homes because they know that they can get more if they decide to sell their house. 

Renewable Source 

Electricity bills keep on rising because of the scarcity of sources. Fossil fuels sources are now getting fewer and fewer which results in electricity bills getting higher. However, in the case of solar energy the source is renewable and there is no possibility of getting scarce. 

With all the benefits of residential solar electricity you can rip, there should be no more hesitations in having one installed. It will be a good investment since you can have your ROI in 5 years and at the same time continue to save for the next 20 years! The good thing about solar panel installation is you can be able to monitor your energy usage since part of the components are devices that can show your consumption.It will be a big help if you are able to monitor your energy usage in this way you can control and conserve your energy usage. So if you think you need a solar panel system, contact your solar provider to discuss with them and schedule their visit to your home to initiate the process of your solar installation. Ask them what van they recommend for your home and have that solar panel installed so you can start ripping the benefits of solar energy. 

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