The Easiest Way to Mess-up Email Deliverability

For novice marketers, improving email deliverability refers to optimizing email subject lines, providing preference centers or email frequency options, and refining the opt-in process. While these efforts may seem like they’re getting your emails somewhere, these are just surface-level solutions. If you really want to improve your email deliverability, you […]

Juro’s $23M deck • TechCrunch

Back in January, Natasha covered Juro’s Series B round, which added $23 million to its coffers. Juro aims to put an end to contract negotiation madness, moving the workflows out of Microsoft Word and a handful of other sub-par tools to an all-in-one, web-based platform for contract negotiation-to-signature workflow. It […]

Why Is Enterprise Email Security Important?


In this era of technology, where email has become an aspect of conducting business, ensuring the security of enterprise emails is more important than ever. The rise of cyberattacks, data breaches, and phishing attempts poses risks to organizations regardless of size. These threats can potentially cause losses, damage reputations, and […]