Making The Business Case For The Metaverse: How Companies Can Create Value In The Next Web

Marketing campaigns or initiatives Learning and development for employees Meetings Events or conferences Product design or digital twinning During its research process, McKinsey interviewed executives and leading authorities to explore value creation in the metaverse, what the metaverse is and isn’t, and how it will evolve. Experts included Matthew Ball, […]

The US dollar is getting stronger

The US dollar has been advancing rapidly in response to the Federal Reserve’s resolve to keep raising policy rates for longer to regain control of stubbornly high inflation. This has far reaching consequences. The US dollar is prominently used around the world as an international medium of exchange and as […]

A Must-Have For Every Business

The idea of AI-enabled OCR software might seem a little intimidating at first, but once you know what it does and how it works, you’ll see that it’s the perfect solution for your business! What is OCR Software? OCR software is an AI-powered software that can recognize and extract text […]